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7th July

New Vallejo Delivery

More paints from Vallejo arrived today including the first of their colour model sets that we have brought in. Check out our Paints & Pigments section for details.

23rd June

Bolt Action Support Groups are here!

To complement the Bolt Action infantry box sets we have in stock, today the corresponding Support Group packs arrived. Check the link for details:-

Bolt Action

11th June

Perry Miniatures and Artizan Designs 28mm wargaming figures arrived today.

From the Artizan Designs range we have German and British WWII blister packs and, from Perry Miniatures, we now have their entire range of Napoleonic plastic box sets. Check these 2 links for details:-

Perry Miniatures

Artizan Designs

21st May

The Army Painter now in stock.

We have just ordered in our first delivery from The Army Painter. Keep checking back as we add more products to the range we stock from this excellent producer of paints and modelling details/effects.

11th May

Victrix Ancients are here

We have just had our first delivery from Victrix. Selected from their Ancients range, we now have Romans. Spartans, Thebans, Athenians and Numidians in stock.